3 Things We Love About Thanksgiving

It’s almost here, that magical holiday that brings your whole family together (and no, we don’t mean Christmas).  Thanksgiving is coming, the weather is changing, and we are getting ready for it all the right way here in La Crosse.  And just like everyone else, Buzzard Billy’s is excited for a day of turkey (yes, we eat turkey for Thanksgiving, we don’t live off of gator) and football.  Here are the 3 best things about Thanksgiving here in La Crosse:

3.  The Rotary Lights

Currently under construction, La Crosse’s annual Christmas light display is quite the marvel.  These beauties will be ready for the public the day after Thanksgiving.

2.  The Packers Game

The only thing better than gorging yourself on tons of turkey is gorging yourself on tons of turkey and watching your favorite football team play.  And while it’s not a home game (they play at Detroit) we still hope to see plenty of TJ Chedderheads (a business right across the street from us!) famous cheese heads in the stands.

1.  The La Crosse Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Is your family going to be away? Can’t get away from work for the weekend and so you’re missing out on travel plans?  The La Crosse Community Thanksgiving dinner is a traditional style Thanksgiving dinner held in the La Crosse center, free of charge and open to everyone.  Isn’t our community great?

And while some of you may be leaving to see family elsewhere, we hope those of you staying here cash in this turkey day on the great opportunities our community offers, and give thanks for our wonderful city of La Crosse!

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